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Maison de la Pataphonie  

In Dinant, City of Music ...

For some years, the Cultural Centre of the District of Dinant (CCRD), first alone and then under the auspices of the International Adolphe Sax Association, has been developing a project to lend new dynamism to the image of the Dinant region, centring on the emblematic figure of Adolphe Sax (born in Dinant in 1814) and his principal invention: the saxophone.

It has now chosen to explore new paths, the making of unconventional instruments and patamusic. In 2001, in the “House of the Pléban”, the House of Pataphony opened its doors.

The House of Pataphony is neither a museum, nor a school, nor a training centre, but is above all a space created by Max Vandervorst (a master on the subject of patamusic) and a team of CCRD for freedom and inventiveness, which fosters musical discovery and creation. An invitation to travel through a universe of sounds, of objects of unimagined resonance, to be surprised by assemblages ranging from the simplest to the most ingenious, to create atmospheres of sound and to play music together ... just for the fun of it and especially for fun.

A musical journey in an extraordinary universe, where the object becomes music, where the traveller becomes a composer. An experience from which visitors leave astonished and surprised by their own talents, with an irresistible and crazy desire to make the world resound ...


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