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A new slogan, a new logo

The 2nd of September 1997, the Minister Jean Luc Dehaene inaugurated the logo and the new slogan for the town of Dinant. The design and the three words characterised the core of the project for the town.
After a few years consideration, learning the realities and after observing the success, but also the failure of specific projects, Dinant  town realised that its real potential for economic development was not in artificial projects, but really in its historical heritage, economic, environmental, and of course cultural, which needed only valorising and being “used” in the right context. To make from the whole of Dinant a superb town, particularly its architecture,  environment and heritage, paying attention to valorise the quality of its services and hospitality.
The term ‘voix’ is used intentionally. When spoken it is pronounced ‘vwa’ and sounds exactly the same as ‘voie’. The first means ‘voice’ and the second ‘way’ (a road, path, canal or river). Before communication was only a question of roads, rivers etc……today communication has changed and it is more about voices than roads etc.
The term ‘cuivrée’ (copper in colour, or a smooth rich sound)  makes reference to the history of the “Dinandries” and of course to the saxophone. This term also make an imaginary reference towards a certain softness, or sensuality, compatible with the image of the saxophone and the type of development that would best serve the town.
The word “cuivrée” comes from “cuivre” which when translated into “copper”  holds a resemblance to the nickname of the people of Dinant, “les copères”.