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Veneurs de la Meuse  

It is in 1910 that under the « paternity » of Mr. Constant Toussaint that the Cercle de Trompes de Chasse “Les Veneurs de la Meuse” were born.

After the interuptions due to the happenings of 1940 the Cercle regrouped after the liberation and the Veneurs de la Meuse kept alive the traditions of the hunting horns during charity fetes, and spread their rousing sounds from the tops of the town which the echo passed from hill to valley.

June the 1st 1980 the Veneurs de la Meuse celebrated 70 years of existence with a beautiful festival regrouping all the Belgian Circles and the Rallye Gousaliere from Le Mans, French champions for a number of years………

The 18th of May 1985, the Veneurs de la Meuse organized the Championships of Belgium of Hunting Horns in the property of their President, the Viscount Phillipe le Hardy de Beaulieu, the Chateau de Taviet – Dinant. This assembled more than 200 players from Belgium, France and Germany.

The 18th of February 1989 our players had the honour to play under the arches of the Chapelle des Invalides in Paris.

The 19th of May 1990 the Veneurs de la Meuse again took charge of the organisation of the Championships of Belgium. This time it was in the medieval Chateau de Lavaux-St-Anne where the best players from France, Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg, Germany and Switzerland fought it out.

At Dinant they play on the 3rd Saturday of April during the “Chapitre des Quarteniers de la Flamiche Dinantais”.

The society have at their disposal pleasant and welcoming premises, “ Le Pavillon du Piqu’Hardy” situated in the heart of the town center.

The finances needed for the correct functioning are provided by the taking from the concerts and from the annual subscriptions of 300 sympathising members.

Les Veneurs de la Meuse
Rue Ernest Le Boulenge, 8  5500 DINANT

Monsieur Jean-Claude Aubreby
3, Allée de la Sapinière  5530 Yvoir
Tel.: 0032/82/612933